Histoire de CQFD, marque française de mode inclusive et respectueuse de l'environnement, en précommande

Transparency, accuracy and the search for meaning have always been part of the objectives of the founder of the House. Journalist and holder of a Chinese degree, Céline Bosquet evolved for several years in an environment of information and images, where disentangling fact from fiction was part of her daily life. It is this quest for meaning that pushed her to move the lines in a sector that can do better.

Meeting with the founder.

Céline BOSQUET, fondatrice de la marque CQFD Paris

“Maison CQFD was born from a desire to change my way of consuming. The health crisis has weakened us, destabilized us, stopped us in our tracks. Time, as if suspended, invited us to question our actions, our choices, our desires, our consumption patterns.

We had forgotten from the height of the omnipotence of our contemporary society that we were vulnerable, like our planet. It is this vulnerability that has brought to the surface the central issue of our time: succeeding in reconciling growth, social justice and environmental protection...

We can no longer produce, consume and grow as before... We must invent a new economic and social model in which our growth respects the environment and social balance.

I felt the need to create a business that made sense in one of the most polluting industries in the world and which still excludes certain women. The textile. »

By creating CQFD, I bet on ethical, responsible and inclusive ready-to-wear. Positive fashion, which does not encourage purchase but on the contrary, gives time for reflection thanks to pre-ordering. »

Yesterday we followed trends, today the trend is to no longer follow them.

Production française et italienne en circuit-court pour diminuer l'impact environnemental et les émissions de gaz à effet de serre de la mode, vêtements proposés en précommande

“Action is only as good as the meaning we give it… Producing less but better is a necessity to reduce our environmental impact.

The solution: take your time. Recall the unique French and European know-how. Design a robust garment with beautiful materials, in a short circuit, especially for the woman who ordered it, thus avoiding overproduction, greenhouse gas emissions and stocks of unsold clothing. »

CQFD defends the idea that luxury can be fair , responsible and inclusive .

“I also wanted to deconstruct current fashion. Women don't need to be a size 36 to love themselves. They waste too much time trying to change to fit the image they have of the perfect woman. Fashion should be caring and not a source of guilt. The mental burden for some women is already heavy enough to bear.

How many women think they are not well enough to be able to dress the way they want? It is not up to the woman to adapt to the clothing but the reverse. This is positive fashion, inclusive fashion for all women. Women concerned about the environment, those who want to wear quality clothing without breaking the bank for “luxury” and especially those excluded by a choice of sizes which rarely goes beyond 44.”

Créer des vêtements intemporels de luxe inclusifs, pour toutes les tailles (grandes tailles, petites tailles, plus size) qui subliment les courbes féminines, tout en étant respectueux de l'environnement

“I sincerely believe that it is time to change our habits. »