CQFD is part of a minimalist and reasoned vision of fashion. Because every gesture and detail counts, the Maison's commitments are both human and environmental.

Commitment #1
French and European quality know-how.

Each French person throws away on average 12 kilos of clothing per year*. This growing figure is the direct consequence of fast fashion , which constantly renews its collections, uses poor quality fabrics and relies on cultural obsolescence to sell ever more.

Overconsumption at the origin of the socio-environmental disaster of the textile industry.

In order to reduce the social and ecological impact of fashion, CQFD has chosen artisanal manufacturing of excellence in France and Europe in workshops recognized for their unique know-how, with certified noble materials, a guarantee of sustainability and traceability .

The House is convinced that sustainable fashion is the secret to clothing that lasts over time.

*Source Planetoscope

Mode française de grande qualité, savoir-faire d'ateliers français et italiens, production responsable en circuit court en précommande, garantie transparence et durabilité vêtements


CQFD designs luxury clothing worthy of the greatest houses, to be passed down from generation to generation like an heirloom.

CQFD choisit la précommande pour une production à la demande plus respectueuse de l'environnement : slow fashion, dressing minimaliste, vêtements écoresponsables
Commitment #2
Produce the right quantity, encourage reflection before purchasing.

CQFD chooses pre-orders and small series for production adapted to demand.

How it works ? Each garment is available for reservation on the website for a short period, at the end of which the production of the right number of pieces is launched.

Concretely, it is the purchase which triggers the manufacturing.

No unsold items. Out of stock. No waste.

Thanks to pre-ordering, CQFD allows all women to consume ethically, in other words, to access quality eco-responsible clothing, without size limits and sold at a fair price which will never be on sale.

CQFD chooses pre-order to fight against overproduction and overconsumption.

Commitment #3
The use of certified noble materials.

70 million barrels of oil are used each year in the production of polyester, the synthetic material most used in clothing with production multiplied by 9 in 50 years*. An unprecedented ecological disaster since polyester is very often mixed with other materials, which makes it impossible to recycle.

To limit the environmental impact of its creations, CQFD primarily uses natural materials such as Supima cotton, virgin wool, cashmere, silk, etc. But also certified and labeled materials of plant origin, such as Cupro or viscose, sourced from ethical partners.

Utilisation de matières naturelles responsables comme la laine vierge italienne, confortable et quasi infroissable. Certifiée Mulesing Free (respect des animaux) et RWS.
CQFD utilise des matières naturelles et d'origine végétale certifiées et labellisées, pour des vêtements d'une grande qualité respectueux de l'environnement.

The House requests from each supplier all the traceability information for the selected materials, from spinning to weaving: supporting certificates, standards, social and environmental labels.

CQFD asks its partners for total transparency on working conditions, the recycling policy, the proper treatment of animals for wool or cashmere, in order to create clothing in line with its vision of responsible fashion.

However, it happens that the use of synthetic components is inevitable in the making of clothing; in this specific case, the brand will always move towards the most responsible solution with 3 watchwords: short circuit, recycling and certification.

All information relating to the fabrics used in CQFD clothing is detailed in the corresponding product sheets.

*Sources Forbes, Changing Markets Foundation

CQFD favors quality materials certified by social and environmental labels in order to create ethical and sustainable clothing.

Le luxe éthique, durable et inclusif au juste prix, pour toutes les femmes. Le costume tailleur CQFD, pour une mode responsable en précommande
Commitment No. 4
Ethical and inclusive luxury at the right price.

What defines “luxury” clothing? The logo ? Scarcity ? The price ? CQFD believes that another luxury is possible. A fairer, more responsible luxury, without ever neglecting quality.

To be able to offer all women pieces of a quality similar to those of the big houses, CQFD demonstrates common sense by adopting short and responsible production: excellent materials, successful development and careful tailoring thanks to to French and European partners with unique know-how.

However, each piece is sold at the right price, the price of quality.

Reduced margins made possible thanks to a 100% digital store and a minimalist communication strategy.

CQFD defends the idea that luxury can be fair , responsible and inclusive .

Commitment No. 5
Inclusivity, without size limits.

In 2016, 40% of French women dress in size 44 and above*. However, the majority of clothing brands stop at 44.

In order to offer inclusive clothing, which adapts to all body types, CQFD has surrounded itself with qualified design offices already working for the biggest houses. From the first sketch, the model is designed to enhance the diversity of bodies.

For each garment, several fabrics are made in sizes 36, 44 and size 50. An almost tailor-made creation.

The development of a CQFD part takes several months. Fitting after fitting, the cuts are adjusted to obtain a perfect fit. It is this meticulous and inclusive work that allows CQFD to offer each of its creations in a choice of sizes from 34 to 56 and more on request.

*Source Clickdress

S'engager pour une mode inclusive sans limite de tailles pour toutes les femmes, avec une confection française et italienne de grande qualité, un luxe éthique et durable

CQFD offers all women the freedom to be themselves and stay that way.