CQFD is a French luxury house in tune with its times. 100% digital, inclusive and responsible.

An intuitive brand, chic and comfortable clothing created to enhance all women, with no size limit.

CQFD exists thanks to its partners, artisans of excellence, guarantors of French and European know-how.

The revolution in the textile industry is not only creative. She is human and positive.

Become aware of environmental issues.

The textile and fashion industry, one of the most polluting in the world, is not slowing down, as evidenced by the rise of fast fashion and ultra- fast fashion .

An industry that is harmful to the environment and humans. Workers exploited on the other side of the world, greenhouse gas emissions due to the production and transport of clothing, massive use of synthetic materials from the petrochemical industry... Consequence: 500,000 tonnes of plastic microparticles are released in the oceans every year*.

Low prices for the consumer have a social and environmental cost for everyone. QED

*Source Ellen McArthur

Impact environnemental fast fashion, microplastique et pollution. CQFD comme solution : slow fashion, précommande, mode responsable et durable en circuit court
Impact fast fashion sur l'environnement. Besoin d'une consommation responsable en précommande, en circuit court en France et en Italie, pour une mode lente éthique et durable
Lutter contre l'obsolescence culturelle et la surproduction de la fast fashion grâce à la précommande, la production française et italienne et des vêtements de qualité intemporels
Cycle de vie des vêtements de fast fashion aux conséquences environnementales graves (pollution, déchets, faune et flore)
Fight against cultural obsolescence and overproduction.

Cultural obsolescence in the textile industry is the art of renewing one's clothes even before they are out of use, simply to follow trends.

Fashion brands seduce with novelty and therefore overproduce. The collections are multiplying. The clothes are made in deplorable conditions with low-end fabrics in order to offer attractive prices... These low prices encourage consumption. Consequence: consumers, influenced by new trends, frequently renew their wardrobe. The clothes purchased accumulate and will only be worn for 35 days on average*.

According to ADEME, since 2002, “we buy 60% more clothes that we keep for half as long”.

*Source Newsweek

Pre-ordering, an effective system to combat compulsive buying and overproduction.

Consommer moins mais mieux, choisir une mode durable, éthique, responsable, des matières peu polluantes, une confection en circuit court, un vêtement de qualité

Consume less, but better.

Quality has a price, that’s a fact. Like any purchase, the purchase of clothing must be considered as an investment which must meet prerequisites. Low-polluting and solid raw materials, quality manufacturing, sustainable production and short circuits, healthy distribution…

A thoughtful purchase limits our environmental impact and stands the test of time.

Act for positive and inclusive fashion.

Fashion is no longer standardized on a size 36. CQFD creates timeless clothing adapted to every silhouette. The cuts are studied and designed to highlight the diversity of bodies, with no size limit.

It is no longer the woman who adapts to the clothing, but the clothing which adapts to the woman.

CQFD agit pour une mode positive et inclusive pour toutes les femmes. Vêtements grandes tailles et plus size, de la taille 36 à la taille 56 et plus, confection quasi sur-mesure

Every woman is free to be herself and stay that way. »

Le luxe éthique et responsable au juste prix, le prix de la qualité et la confection française et italienne faisant appel à un savoir-faire unique des ateliers partenaires

Choosing ethical luxury at a fair price.

Luxury is above all a question of quality and not price. CQFD makes luxury more transparent through clear communication on the materials used and its partner workshops. 100% digital brand, the absence of intermediaries allows margins to be reduced and thus offers a fair price.


responsible, reasoned, healthy and fair fashion for all those who create it and those who wear it.